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Exhibit at Events When Trade Shows are Cancelled or Limited

As businesses are busy trying to determine the “new normal”, companies that rely on exhibitions and trade shows to share product information and connect with clients may be wondering how they adapt.  Nationwide Displays is proud to present a solution that re-imagines how to continue to attend trade shows….even when trade shows are limited or cancelled altogether.  The possibilities for your experiential event design are simply endless.

Create an immersive custom exhibit experience for attendees of your virtual event.

Engage visitors with custom motion graphics and video.

Meet face to face with attendees or via live chat on your schedule from within your virtual exhibit.

Integrate your Virtual Exhibit into your marketing strategy with e-commerce abilities, embedded Google Analytics, and more.

Attendees visit your exhibit from any tablet, desktop, mobile device… or VR Goggles for complete immersive experience.

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Your Only Limit - Your Imagination

Your Virtual Exhibit can be a replica of your physical exhibit to provide brand consistency and give your longtime clients a sense of familiarity.  OR, you can take your Virtual Exhibit to new and surprising places.   Want a rocket ship or serene lake in your exhibit?  Now you can.  

Supplement Live Events

Perhaps you are ready and planning to make your way to a live event, but are worried about lower attendance and visibility.  While live physical events are taking place, would-be attendees who are unable to travel to the physical location can access you in real time from wherever they are, via live video meeting rooms embedded in your virtual exhibit.  

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